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As the ass-kicking powerhouse vocalist for Brandi & the Alexanders, Brandi's diva-level range and soulful melodies hit the listener right in the gut. Backed by The Alexanders, a funk, and psychedelic-influenced rock band, she walks a tightrope between classic rock drive and R&B grit.


Like fusing the Jackie Brown soundtrack, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, and Sticky Fingers together; Brandi & the Alexanders have a sound that is slick, big, and instantly classic.


The band's LP How Do You Like It?  releases Fall 2018.



Contact: brandiandthealexanders@gmail.com
Management: WNS Group,  Brad Hunt bhsabres@aol.com

Publicity: Jill Kettles  jill@missjillpr.com

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